Themonies in tradition

“Endless strolls filled with thyme scents, swimming in crystal blue-green waters, and above all one of the most beautiful Horas in the Aegean. Among the most sophisticated and well preserved Aegean islands, Folegandros fulfills the archetypal Cycladic dream.” *

“From the rough waters of the Greek archipelago, where each microcosm is unique and where image stereotypes do not exist, the island rock of Folegandros rises, lofty, eerie, relentlessly beaten by the sun since time immemorial. It lies somewhere there, to the south and west of the Cyclades… Time strolls through the microcosm of Folegandros, where the past images … have been preserved almost unchanged until today… thus, it is our sacred duty … to preserve and maintain part of this time withstanding identity of the island.” **

* Despoina Zefkili, Athinorama July 2007
** Tasos Anastasiou, Folegandros A Travelogue of Photographs